Parkinson's Disease
Gordon Research Conference
June 23-28, 2019
Newry, ME, USA

21st European Symposium
on Organic Chemistry
July 14-18, 2019

Vienna, Austria


« Origenis offers world-class scientific competence in combination with a proven highly sophisticated system, which integrates many different parameters resulting in the creation of new patentable pharmaceutical compounds. Because of its design the system is faster than the traditional way and yields more specific compounds. »

Origenis’ patented technology platform MOREsystem® is unique, fast, and highly integrated. An interdisciplinary team of scientists has developed it over several years. The technology platform has been validated in several collaborations with big pharma and biotech companies in the past and is now applied in collaborative and in-house projects.


1. exploitation of new chemical dimensions

MOREsystem® allows the direct exploitation of huge chemical spaces - more than compounds not yet synthesized - not accessible by any other method. Origenis synthesizes selected compounds of these immense chemical spaces in its own labs. MOREsystem® and MolMind® delivers straightforward synthetic routes resulting in more patentable drug candidates in less time.


2. benefits from system integration

MOREsystem® is a fully integrated system. Molecular design, chemistry, biology, data-handling and logistics are interlinked with creative algorithms resulting in a fast process that can follow multiple hypotheses while reducing human error.


3. faster optimization through multiparametric approach

MOREsystem® produces better leads by tailoring compound properties towards their desired therapeutic use right from the project start. MOREsystem® employs highly reliable sophisticated prediction methods for all relevant physico-chemical and pharmacological compound properties. The models are updated continuously with new experimental data. Origenis’ customizable multi-parametric optimization ensures that most pre-clinical requirements are met resulting in a reduction of expensive and time-consuming MedChem modifications.


4. on-the-fly novelty check

MOREsystem® is directly coupled with Cippix® - Origenis patent chemistry analysis tool. All compounds proposed by MOREsystem® are automatically compared to all compounds in all chemistry relevant patents to avoid actively any possible IP collision.


5. reduction of attrition rate in drug discovery

MOREsystem® produces optimized lead compound series with a clear indication focus in a direct approach. This shortcut results in a lower attrition rate compared to the common multi-stage drug discovery with hit finding, hit validation, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization. As a result R&D costs are reduced time to market is shortened.