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We address unmet medical needs with AI, creating small molecule drug pipelines.

where no one has gone before


June 2024

San Diego, USA

Meet us at BIO San Diego for updates on Oncology and Neurology

Our work

Our work

Our vision

creating small molecule drug pipelines

We cure diseases with novel small molecule drugs where no drugs have been discovered yet. We create synergistic small molecule drug pipelines.

What we do

replacing traditional small molecule drug discovery

We build and apply our AI driven tech platform to create the drugs of the future. 


Our synergistic small molecule drug pipelines are either target-centric or disease-centric, or organ-centric. We pursue for example highly selective protein kinase inhibitors or protease inhibitors that are pivotal for a wide range of diseases and conditions. We focus on small molecule drugs that we design to select targets with high potency and outstanding selectivity in difficult-to-reach tissues. Our BRAINstorm™ and EYEdeal™ technologies provide the key data to overcome the blood-brain-barrier and tear film that prevents most other drugs from reaching their target organ.

How we work

AI based drug design meets efficient wet lab realization

Our cross-functional integrated team of highly skilled scientists uses state-of-the-art technology in silico and in the wet lab to ensure a seamless transition from design to synthesis and characterization of novel compounds. Immediate data feedback from chemistry, biology, and pharmacology improves our AI on the fly, makes it faster, more precise and improves its success rate and decision making.

Where we come from

20 years of modernizing drug discovery

Origenis was founded in October 2005 through a management buy-out of former Morphochem AG’s technology platform. Michael Almstetter, Dr. Michael Thormann, and Dr. Andreas Treml decided to continue their research programmes together with the drug discovery team they had built up. Two collaboration partners, Probiodrug (now Vivoryon) in the CNS field, and Alcon in the Ophthalmology fields supported this decision with continued trust and financial support. Both collaborations sought small molecules that would show sufficient exposure at the target tissue, passing through barriers that the brain and the eye have perfected to protect themselves.

What we do
Our Vision
How we work
Where we come from
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