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The Company’s scalable AI platform

The Company's scalable AI platform designs novel chemical matter and optimizes them in a repeatedly proven process towards high-quality preclinical development candidates (PDCs).

After performing services for others, Origenis built a portfolio of 5 projects in the neurodegeneration field with LRRK2 as lead program, which now is being developed in a new US-based company.

Building on this success, we are planning to repeat the creation of new portfolios based on related targets with the focus on small molecules crossing the blood brain barrier.

We plan to spin these portfolios out into new companies which will be financed and staffed for indication focused development.

Additionally, we collaborate with research entities bringing disease relevant biology complementing our effective small molecule discovery and development platform. 

We also do selective research collaborations, specifically in areas that help improving our technologies and platform.

Business Model for Investors

For Investors
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