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Origenis GmbH and Mestrelab Research SL announce a collaboration . . .

April 13, 2015 Origenis GmbH and Mestrelab Research SL announce a collaboration to develop and market physico-chemical properties prediction software.

Munich, Germany – 13 April 2015

The Spanish scientific software company Mestrelab Research SL and the German Biotechnology company Origenis GmbH announced today that they have entered into a collaboration to jointly develop a set of physic-chemical property prediction plugins for Mestrelab’s software products, which Mestrelab will be responsible for marketing.The collaboration agreement has been signed following successful proof of concept integration and therefore the path to get these tools to market is expected to be short. The new partners plan to release in excess of 25 different atomic and molecular properties as part of this joint development effort.

The collaboration aims to exploit the combination of Mestrelab’s large user base and track record of developing highly popular and widely adopted scientific software tools and of Origenis’ know how and excellence in drug design and in the use of LINGO methods to predict structural properties.Santi Dominguez, CEO ofMestrelab, commented on the announcement: ‘We are hugely excited by this collaboration. Physico-chemical property prediction is a widely used tool in our current markets, and this has to date been a gap in our product offering. Origenis’ technology in this area is outstanding, and after extensive evaluation we are hugely impressed by its speed and accuracy. This collaboration will allow us not only to fill that gap, but to become the supplier of first-in-class tools for these applications to our growing customer base.

The range of properties Origenis can provide is also very exciting, as it will result in our getting to market not only a very high quality but also a very widely applicable set of tools. We expect to make these predictions available in ourcurrent Mnova platform, as well as in our about to be released mobile device, web and SaaS offering. 2015 is going to be our biggest year ever from the perspective of new products, and this collaboration is one of the most exciting opportunities I feel wehave. And we expect to get to market rapidly with these tools, with the first set of plugins available no later than Q3.’Michael Thormann, Managing Director of Origenis, commented:

‘We are very proud to expand our collaboration with Mestrelab. We join our efforts to integrate Origenis’ physico-chemical property predictions, which have a long successful internal track record, into Mestrelab’s excellent scientific software products. Our range of valuable physico-chemical property prediction tools will now be part of their user-friendly and broadly used Mnova software suite. With Mestrelab’s large user base in over 100 countries precise property prediction will then be available worldwide for scientists in Academia, Biotech, and Pharma.

MESTRELAB RESEARCH SL( a Spanish software house specializing in the development of chemistry software solutions. The company, founded in 2004 and located in Santiago de Compostela, develops the widely adopted MestRe® Nova (Mnova®) software suite, focusedon the processing, visualization and analysis of analytical chemistry data from a number of analytical techniques.

Mestrelab has become the partner of choice for many of the top 50 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical companies, as well as a supplier of software solutions to most of the World’s top Universities.Origenis GmbH( is a privately owned biotechnology company headquartered in the Munich Biotech Region. Origenis offers proven expertise in drug design, chemical synthesis, and biological characterization combined with its proprietary Small Molecule Drug Discovery Technology Platform. Origenis drives a novel Drug Discovery Process that creates broad and strong IP portfolios, reduces attrition rate, and finally shortens time to market. This highly integrated platform MOREsystem® and Cippix® has delivered novel development candidates for a variety of targets and medical indications.For further

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