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Origenis, A new approach to small molecule drug discovery

April 29, 2019

A multipart AI-based, drug discovery platform, optimizing compounds for specificity, efficacy, physiochemical properties, and broad patentability (i.e., novelty), in a parallel process is faster, cheaper and better than serial-step traditional drug discovery .

Germany-based Origenis’ mission from day one was to improve and accelerate drug discovery processes to create lead molecules in areas of interest using a unique combination of proprietary in-silico tools for designing compounds (MolMind®) coupled with immediate synthesis and testing of the designed compounds (MOREsystem®). A major advantage of these combined technologies is that they are not limited to a number—even a very large number—of compounds that are contained in in-silico libraries, but use a combination of starting materials and chemical reactions. Use of genetic algorithms, machine learning, and other AI tools allow searching through this chemical space to identify compounds that have activity against a target and can be readily synthesised linking in-silico tools to the lab in a unique way.

MolMind® and MOREsystem® support the design, synthesis and screening A NEW APPROACH TO SMALL MOLECULE DRUG DISCOVERY Origenis SOLUTION PROVIDERS IN EUROPE – 2019 DRUG DISCOVERY & DEVELOPMENT TECH OUTLOOK TOP 10 14 TECH OUTLOOK APRIL – 2019 of compounds in the Origenis labs with interactive AI feedback loops that can alter and enhance the next cycles of design.

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